Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The future untold.

 Episode 1: The encounter
      Gbom Gbom!!! was the sound Danielle heard about 2:45 pm in the afternoon, she ran outside and was shocked to see that a fighter jet in the Nigerian colors  was responsible for the bombing, Chimo!!! She shouted when she came to realize that the dreaded 2nd civil war she never prayed for after she has heard and read about the devastating effects of the first was here.
        Both in amazement, fear and curiosity she lingered outside for a few minutes and all she had heard next was a sound of two armoured tanks and sounds of the feet of soldiers she could not really ascertain their number at that instant, this added to her fear making her wish all she is seeing was just a dream.
          ` Eyimba Eh Nzogu Nzogu' was the war song the soldiers wearing the army camouflage with the bright colors of the the secessionist state of the land of the rising sun, in quick succession the song was changed to the anthem of the secessionist state "all hail...."
In no time a command was given by the commander of the battalion to take positions on her street.
           ' Stay in your houses' the commander said, we the gallant soldiers of the land of hope, the land devoid of marginalization and religious sentiments, the land of the rising sun promises to fight to the last drop of our blood to protect your lives and properties and we won't stop fighting till the victory is ours....

The story above is just my imagination. No hate or support for the reoccurrence of war or separation  meant.
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