Thursday, 10 August 2017

...talking {S}ensitive and {EX}tempore =>SEX

     It starts with those naughty feelings of strong ecstasy;
 then one wishes to stay and linger around this amazing fantasy;

    The word SEX when mentioned at times may sound absurd;
But you see, without SEX the world probably would have remained null and void;

      My point should be well understood so as not to confuse it;
To know about and appreciate sex is good but misconception of the subject (sex) will make you abuse it;

Funny but true; the best sex is the one we have in our minds, our imaginations;
      Although we may not tell, our thoughts do amazing things when we imagine sex activities, oh what a sensation!

But come to think of it, you don't want to go there because you are toying with addiction;
      Surprising, many become addicts and fanatics without indulging in the action, just by imagination;

 Well you probably don't want to hear this part, yeah!!! Nobody want to hear it either;
Truly sex is an amazing adventure, but ABSTINENCE is better.

Written by Ini Imeh aka Ginie
He is an undergraduate of civil engineering at Akwa Ibom State University
Follow on Instagram @ginie_gold

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