Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Future untold.

Episode 2 : Despair
         Young girl get inside now! Officer Munachi yelled, she suddenly remembered her parents that left for work are not yet back. In despair she ran inside, picked up her phone and called her mum with tears in her eyes, mom are you okay? She asked, am fine, she replied hope everyone is safe? she asked. Danielle still worried inquired about the mom's safety again. Danielle, listen to me, am safe our office is surrounded by soldiers and the same applies to your dad, he called not quite long ago.
          Danielle is the first child, she is 16 years and 5 months and the only daughter of David Tamuno-Preye Emmanuel, an electrical engineer at Nuelz Petroleum, Oron while the mom, Phoebe is a nurse working at Krimex Hospital which is just 10 minutes drive from her dad's workplace. Danielle has 2 siblings, twin brothers Abiyah and Ted aged 10.
          Being a bit calm she went to the sitting room switched the television on tuned to various stations though she regretted later because all the headlines on all stations carried the caption " Nigeria in Chaos again after a 50 year rest". Calm down Elle, she said to herself, hope this ends soon she prayed.
           Few minutes later her phone rang, she allowed it for some few seconds so as to enjoy the melodious ringtone which was #SpeedyDarlington hit song #Bandadadang, she finally checked her phone it was James, the only guy in her life she feels so secured and connected with, he is always a sweetheart and the best boyfriend ever she thought to herself, stop thinking and pick up. Hello baby, she said, Hi sweetest, hope you are fine? He asked with so much concern in his voice, yes am fine she replied, a troop of soldiers are guarding my street. Hey you boy!!!  Were the words she heard over the phone, babe, I have to call you back some Nigerian soldiers are running towards me, so I'll have to... Kpar Kpar!!! you dey craze, who you dey call?? And a call disconnection followed immediately...

- James is forced to join the Nigerian Army which is in need of a stronger team to defeat the hundreds of thousands soldiers of secessionist state. James is now in the opposition.
 Will he survive it??

Episode 3 to be out soon.

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