Monday, 18 July 2016

Indian woman re-raped by SAME MEN who gang raped her 5 years ago!

The country of India is in a total outrage, after news that a student was allegedly gang-raped by five men three years ago – was raped again by the SAME MEN.

The 21-year-old whose name was withheld, was attacked last week in Rohtak town in the northern state of Haryana.

According to police, the woman was raped three years ago by 5 men, and had been pursuing a case in court her attackers.

But on Wednesday, the men struck again. The woman told police that she was forced inside a car and the men tried to strangle her.

She was raped, beaten and left for dead in the bushes. A passerby saw her and took her to the hospital.

The woman, who is from a poor low-caste Dalit (formerly known as untouchables) family, told a television channel that the attackers had been putting pressure on them to settle the case and were punishing the woman for pursuing it in court.

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