Thursday, 25 February 2016

Popular Abuja RCCG Pastor pulls out to set up his own Church: The story of Pastor Peter Balogun

Not a few people who know him were surprised by his latest move. It was obvious that he would have to leave the Redeemed Church sooner than later.

Popular Radio preacher and the organiser of the crowd pulling Destiny Encounter programme Pastor Peter Balogun has eventually pull led out of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

According to reports, his first service as the General Overseer and founder of his own ministry and church, Citizenship Church is expected to take off today at Jabi Abuja.

All arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the new church’s take off was smooth.
Peter Balogun, many would recall was the pastor at the very popular Central Parish in Wuse 2 Abuja until sometimes in 2014 when he was transferred in circumstances believed to be controversial and many of the well to do members of the Parish did not like the decision.

Even when he was moved to Jikwoyi , an Abuja suburb, he continued with his popular programme, Destiny Encounter and his continuation as well as the growth of the programme seems to have irked many of the leaders of the church in Abuja who moved against him and decided that proceeds from the programme should go into the church account, a  decision he resisted.

The culmination of the stiff resistance was his decision to part ways with the church by establishing his own church the Citizenship Church. The former NNPC staff is married with two kids. He left NNPC years back to begin work as a full time pastor in RCCG. He became a full time pastor while he was in Benin Edo State and from there he was posted to Abuja and after serving in two different parishes, was moved to the Central Parish as the Area Pastor.

The Central Parish is the richest of all the Northern parishes and one of the richest in Nigeria. It has ministers, top government functionaries as well as top people in the private sector as members. While there, BALOGUN started his radio programme as well as the monthly Divine Encounter programme which gave him a lot of followers hip especially with youth and singles. His motivational abilities also stood him out, so also his anointing in terms of prayers.

By the time they forced him out of the Central Parish after he had spent more than the mandatory  three years, not a few people knew that it was only a matter of time before he leaves the Redeemed Church and start his own ministry which he eventually did a few days ago.

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