Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Scandal: Sh 37,500 Bar Soaps that has Left Kenyans Shocked beyond Words

El Nino has been trending in Kenya for the past two weeks. Skeptics have put the meteorology department in doubt after the much touted El Niño rains failed despite frequent warnings by the weather department. The sad part is that while some Kenyans are praying hard for the Phenomenon not to occur, others are silently praying it happens as it is a cash cow for white elephant projects.

Forget the Bungoma wheel barrows that cost slightly above Sh 100,000. Would you believe that a bar of soap has been budgeted for Sh 37,500? Well, it is not Uganda but only in Kenya. The government has proposed to spend Sh 6,000 on a pack of sanitary towels which will be distributed by women and girls affected by El Nino rains.  The price is way above the normal retail price in supermarkets for sanitary towels is less than Sh 500 while a bar of soap is less than Sh 200.

On Twitter under the hash tag #SabuniYa37K, Kenyans questioned the wisdom of spending such huge amounts of money to benefit corruption yet teachers and civil servants are yet to be paid.

But in a rejoinder, an official from the intergovernmental communication committee refuted the claims.

”There is no money that has been issued by the National government in as far as El Nino is concerned. These are only proposals, which will be re-evaluated with donors. Only funds for counties have been approved, “he said

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