Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Saudi Prince's sexual assault case passed to LA city attorney after the case was initially dropped

A Saudi Arabian prince, Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,  revealed yesterday to be the son of the late King Abdullah,is accused of a having sexual relationship with a male aide, taking cocaine and threatening to kill women who refused his advances - as well as sexually assaulting a maid according to an exclusive report by Daily Mail Online.
The Prince now faces a series of allegations in a civil case brought by three female staff members of his Los Angeles mansion.
Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online disclose how he is accused of being drunk and high at his $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills and repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances.
The documents were filed by lawyers acting for three female employees of Al Saud.

They include a claim that the royal attempted to urinate on the trio while screaming: 'I want to pee pee'.

He also threatened to kill one of the women if she refused to 'party' with him and jumped on top of another and began rubbing himself against her in a 'sexual and aggressive manner'.
When asked to stop, Al Saud allegedly then yelled:
'I am a prince and I do what I want. You are nobody!'
All three of the women claim to have seen the royal having his penis 'stroked' by a male aide and say they were forced to stay in the room and watch as the encounter unfolded.

Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and punishable by flogging, or even execution.

Another says she was made to watch while a different male aide bent over and farted in Al Saud's face, apparently at his request.

The revelations about Prince Majed come a day after it was revealed that Los Angeles District Attorney has decided to drop felony charges against the 29-year-old due to lack of evidence.

Instead, the case has been passed to LA city attorney Mike Feur who will now decide whether to pursue misdemeanor charges – which could lead to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine should he be convicted.
But lawyers for the women bringing the civil case say they are determined to succeed.
The women, all of whom are married with children, say they still have not been paid by the prince and are hoping to recover their lost earnings.

The women's claims stem from a period between September 21 and September 25 when Al Saud was arrested and all took place at the Wallingford Drive mansion.

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