Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bishop Kukah to Nigerians- Don't put all your hopes in Buhari

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has called on Nigerians not to put all their hopes in President Buhari, stressing that the war against corruption is not the only item that will enhance the life of Nigerians. According to Bishop Kukah, the inclusion of a culture of entrenchment and protection of social justice and the rule of law to be part of our national live will guarantee a stable Nigeria.

Bishop Kukah said this while delivering a lecture -‘Education and Leadership Recruitment for a Plural Society: A Case for Nigeria’- during the 3rd Convocation Ceremony of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti today October 20th
“Fighting corruption alone may not guarantee us a stable nation. We must include the culture of entrenchment and protection of social justice and the rule of law to be part of our national live. So, Nigeria should not put all their hopes in Buhari. They should not think that once Buhari has started fighting corruption the entire system will be sanitized and everything will work for good or change. A distorted society cannot expect the reward of a decent society. Happily for us in Nigeria, we are turning a new page. We must therefore not be seduced into thinking that we should hand over our hope, our dream and our aspiration to President Buhari and go to sleep. Corruption is a symptom of the disease of the distortion of our nationhood. We may have a transparent election but the most perfect electoral outcome does not translate to the right result. When people receive the licence to govern, what does it mean to them and what do they do with it? We must acknowledge the opportunity of the concession of defeat by (former) President Jonathan, we need institutions that can save voters from the excesses of the Nigerian politicians. As a country, we must have succession plan, we must have capacity for succession and the institutional capacity to recruit the future leaders and we must create opportunities for young Nigerians to rise to the highest office in the land.”he said

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